Battle of the Pringles

Rhama Soliman

The morning of Friday, September 6th 2019, Mr. Trott’s journalism class conducted an activity called “Battle of the Pringles!” Each group, between 4 to 5 students, was given 6 different Pringle flavors: cheddar, sour cream and onion, cheddar and sour cream, barbecue, pizza, and original. The groups then took two different Pringle flavors and ate them together in the pursuit of finding which combination was the best.

After many laughs and trials, the majority vote went to cheddar and sour cream. Senior Wilfredo Mejia-Cubias was the only student to vote for barbecue and pizza, considered by many to be the funkiest combination possible. Wilfredo, called Will by his classmates, commented that he liked the unique flavor of the barbecue and pizza because it tasted like bacon but he could see why many people didn’t agree due to the strong flavor coming from the barbecue. When asked for his opinion about the experience, he said that it was probably “some kind of bonding activity that forced us to interact with one another, and it made me get to know my peers, making me excited for what was to come.”

“If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t see the exact purpose of the activity,” Senior Sara Mazrawi commented about the activity, “but I can definitely agree with Will, that I feel like I know my peers more than before by participating in this activity.” 

When working in a Journalism class , there is value in getting to know your peers because everyone at some point has to work with others outside their group.  Furthermore, because of this need for group interaction in Journalism, more activities like this can definitely be seen in the near future to establish an environment filled with teamwork, collaboration, and fun.