Homecoming Game

Alondrea Thompson, Writer

High schools all around the United States celebrate homecoming “eve” by having a homecoming football game. The homecoming football games have been one of the many ways to celebrate the day before homecoming. Woodbridge Senior High School celebrates homecoming eve with the pep rally, parade, and the homecoming game. At homecoming games, some students only go to the games to either socialize with friends, to actually watch the game or to do both. Senior, Lillie Cooper, says that she goes to the game to both socialize and watch the game. 

Our theme for the homecoming game was a “blackout”; where everyone is decked out in all black and shows their school spirit by cheering on the team. Senior, Eboni Rawlins, says “The best part about the football games is seeing the halftime shows”. Halftime is one of the best parts of the football games because it shows off our spirit teams such as the Vikettes, varsity cheer team, and the marching band. Our student section at Woodbridge always shows how the Vikings roll. Senior, Michael Pineda, says that “Our student section creates a crazy atmosphere for Woodbridge”. 

For some students, this is their very first homecoming football game and for some others it’s their very last game. For the class of 2020 this will be their final high school homecoming football game and for the class of 2023, this is their first. The Vikings have won the game against the Colgan Sharks. The score was 42-8. The student section at Woodbridge was ecstatic to the winning against Colgan.