The Amazing Race

Julia Finken, Writer

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The community here at WSHS is no stranger to tradition, especially the senior class. Revered practices such as toga Tuesday, senior skip day, Assassin, and, yes, the amazing race are some of the landmark events that round out the final year of being a Viking. For the sixth annual Amazing Race, teams of nine seniors and one teacher chaperon terrorized the fine citizens of our nation’s capital for a day. As the various groups, all in different colored jerseys, fanned out in the most hyped up scavenger hunt of all time, no lawn, do not cross sign, or red light halted the strides of those set on first place. This year though, our participants had an extra challenge to overcome: the elements. For the near three hours of the Amazing Race, which, mind you, includes a lot of running outside, two and a half featured torrential downpour.

So, as clues were discussed, pictures taken, and random citizens bombarded, the previously dry students ended the day looking and feeling like drenched cats. The victors were posted later that evening as Race participants convalescent and the underclassmen relished in PSAT memes. For the Capital division, first place went to DeSPINned for Greatness, chaperoned by Ms. Spindler. The first place prize for the Lincoln division went to the ReGECKS, chaperoned by Mr. Geck. Stefi Morgan, the team captain of DeSPINed for Greatness confirmed the competitive atmosphere of the race, stating that, “I was really excited and rain was not going to prevent our group from taking home the gold.” Other teams in the noncompetitive bracket seemed more irritated at spending the day cold and wet than motivated as Jade Spurlock noted that, “I could have saved thirty dollars and slept in rather than freeze.” 

While this year the Amazing Race required more dedication than in the past, all those who turned out still completed in the holy senior tradition. As the Amazing Race marks the first senior exclusive event, and almost induction took place. As the class of 2020 took their first steps toward graduation and the future awaiting us after high school.