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Jade Spurlock, Section Editor

Vanessa Laumbach, Senior goes for layup against Colgan

The Day in the Life of…

The concept of being a student-athlete is as difficult as it sounds. Whether you’re a boy or girl, play football, basketball, or volleyball the concept of trying to balance classwork, practices, tests, projects, and games can be extremely tough to manage. Between the teachers and coaches, student-athletes have been forced to understand the idea of stability. Managing these kinds of time-ingesting activities can be a large assignment specifically if, on top of all of that, you need to have a social life. Woodbridge is known for having many student-athletes that correctly manage their schoolwork and their given sport. One student who does this exceptionally well is Senior Vanessa Laumbach, who is a starter on the Ladies Varsity Basketball team.


Growing up, sports were not common in Vanessa’s household but height was. Her dad is 6’11 but didn’t play any sports growing up. At 10 years old, the doctors predicted Vanessa would be tall, so her dad started searching for local basketball camps and clinics. Her dad did not want her height to go to waste. He knew basketball could be a gateway opportunity for Vanessa to receive a free education and acted on it. Due to her height, it was only natural for Vanessa to play center. During her Junior year of high school, she started transitioning into a power forward, otherwise known as a 4 (similar to 5 but more versatile and quicker). Currently, in her Senior year of high school, her new coach, Darius Wilson, has put the word “wing” (3) into the atmosphere. Typically, wings are larger guards. He has Vanessa handling the ball more; adding onto her versatility. So, ultimately, she can play the 3, 4, & 5.

Senior, Vanessa Laumbach scores against rival Gar-Field High School

Though basketball is her passion, Vanessa is fully committed to her academics. She currently has a 4.0 which has not been easy for her to manage. An average day for Vanessa is extremely long and tiring. She wakes up at 6:30, go to school from 7:30-2:10, has practice from 2:30-6, ( sometimes she stays after and gets some extra individual work in), go home and shower, eat dinner, do homework, & usually go to sleep between 11 & 12. On game days Vanessa usually don’t usually get home until about 9 or 10. With all of this, it is common for Vanessa to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Many sacrifices come with playing a sport. Not going to parties and not hanging out with friends are all sacrifices Vanessa has had to make while playing basketball.

What keeps Vanessa going is her fear of failure. She had come extremely far and wants her to work hard to pay off . Her hard work is indeed starting to pay off. Last year, Vanessa and the girls basketball team won the State Championship (where Vanessa scored 7 points, had 10 rebounds, and 3 assists). She also recently just committed to George Mason where she will be continuing her Basketball career and continuing to maintain her academic success.