Baby Yoda: Epidemic of Cuteness


Ella Creagh, Reporter

Mr. Castro and his Robotics team have hopped on the wave of the absolutely adorable baby Yoda memes in their own original way by creating a fundraiser that the Robotics team hopes will take them to states this year. 

Robotics have started creating and selling their second round of 3D printed small baby Yodas to be sold to the students and staff of WSHS. The link can be found here: Baby Yoda Link. Each Yoda figurine costs $10 and you can pay by cash or check (made out to WSHS Robotics). Baby Yoda takes about 9 hours to both make and clean. The baby Yoda figurines are 3.5 inches tall and come in 6 different colors including the classic Yoda green. 

These Yodas would be going towards the registration fees for the robots entered into the state competition. For states, each robot has a 300 dollar registration fee. So, 3o baby Yoda’s sold equals 1 robot entered into states; the more robots entered, the better chances of a state title brought home. 

The fundraiser was started by Mr. Castro’s sparked curiosity for baby Yoda. He has seen the memes around Twitter and, being a Star Wars fan, he enjoyed them on his feed. He then stumbled across a file created by someone who is very good at 3D modeling shared on Thingaverse. Thingaverse is an online community where 3D printer files are shared to be used by other creators. Mr. Castro then decided to create a baby Yoda of his own. However, Mrs. Hille stole his baby Yoda and showed it to a few of her colleagues around the building.

“I then made myself another one,” recalls Mr. Castro, “But, Mrs. Bristow came by and then there went my second baby Yoda!”

After the two thefts, Mr. Castro realized he may have a hot commodity on his hands. He sent out an email to the staff asking if anyone wanted one of their own. The response was He  overwhelming. 

The order form that went out originally was only for teachers and staff, only but the form for students was sent out this morning, January 13. 

Due to constraints, you will need to pay for your order before they can print.  Come by Room 1200 in the morning before class, after school, or during C lunch to pay for your order.  Your order will then be queued up to print on one of 7 printers. Paid orders can be picked up before or after school.  In some rare cases, we can deliver to 1st, 2nd, or 7th period classrooms.

The Robotics team is excited to see their baby Yodas out and about and even more excited for states this year!