Death by Socks

Matt York, Writer

It is 5pm. The email is sent out. “The immunity for today is to write ‘2020 Assassin’ on your arms, legs, and face at least 15 times.” It has started; Day 1 of a five month ordeal of anxiety, panic, worry, but most of all, fun.

Assassin is a tradition that starts the second week of the new year and the game continues until there is only one player left. It starts in mid-December of the year before. The “Master Assassin”, or leader of the game, sends out a Google Classroom and Twitter invite to all Seniors  asking for interest and money. Once you sign up and pay a small fee, you’re all set and anticipate what the first immunity will be. The rules are given out and must be adhered to strictly. For instance, it says when and where a player is safe and how to get others out. As a player, you are also allowed to suggest an immunity which the Master Assassin may use later in the game.

At the beginning of the new year, the game starts. Everyone is given a target and the immunity. If you follow the immunity, you are safe for the day until the immunity for the next day is given out. In order to get your target, you must throw a ball of socks and land a hit on your target with video evidence. Then you need to email, or DM on Twitter, the video to the Master Assassin (whom no one knows) with your name, the name of your target, and another student witness. Once this happens, the target is out and you are given another target.

The worry and panic sets in because no one knows who their assassin is. Everyone knows their own target, to which everyone has a different target, and the immunity, of which is the same for everyone and is different every day.

This game will go on for months at a time, often leading up to and past Prom in May. A couple of years ago, the immunity for the day right before Prom was to shave off an eyebrow. Needless to say, there were many casualties that day. The tension builds as the amount of players dwindles down to just two. The game ends when only one player is left standing.

Assassin is a beloved tradition that has lasted for years and is a great way for Seniors to end the school year. Almost every Senior looks forward to playing along and feeling a sense of community. It really reins in the school year for Seniors as it gives them something to look forward to before graduation. It allows Seniors to have fun and relieve some stress in the midst of their internal struggle of becoming an adult, applying and being accepted to colleges and scholarships, and maintaining good grades.

In the past, administration and teachers used to rile against the game as a disruption to the school day. However, the polarized students and staff did come together two years ago when the Master Assassin began sprinkling in immunities that were socially and community supportive. Now, the game is a minor nuisance with some considering the game as a reminder of their last grasp of childhood and others as an impediment of the educational process.

To all assassins… May the odds be ever in your favor.