A Man With A Plan- Who is the new AD?

Jade Spurlock, Section Editor

Switching schools can be terrifying for anyone and not just students. Even staff and teachers have to learn how to adjust after transitions. Many times, this change comes with challenges but also benefits. Jason Eldredge, the new Activities Director, is no stranger to the choppy waters of change.

Mr. Eldredge took over after long time Activities Director, George Washington, retired leaving a legacy of adoration. For some involved, the shift from the Washington era to the Eldredge era felt more like a pivot. However, there is excitement as Eldredge has a background in success at a different WSHS.

Originally a teacher from West Springfield High School, Mr. Eldredge decided it was time for him to make the jump from an ESOL teacher and football coach to Activities Director. After receiving his second Masters from The American College of Education, Mr. Eldredge took an administrative role here at his new WSHS. 

Coming to Woodbridge, Mr. Eldredge was faced with many challenges. He quickly realized not every WSHS was the same. Eldridge notes the drastic difference between the two schools and his growing responsibility. “My assistant Wendy [Mrs. Depetro] and I do the work of 5 people from my old school.” Although this sounds alarming, Mr. Eldridge and Mrs. Depetro manage to work effectively together to get things done. 

He has also had the challenge of gaining trust with his new co-workers and the student body. “Change is hard for everyone… Lots of things were put out there to the community that was not necessarily true…” Eldredge comments, “It has taken a while for people to get to know me and what I am about.” After a moment of pause, Eldredge stated, “But that has now moved in a better direction. I have much better relationships with kids and staff now than I did at the beginning of the year.”

The most prominent challenge came from the coaching change at football and the new regulations in allocating funding to the sports and scheduling the facilities around the school. Eldredge believes strongly in equality when it comes to the resources around campus and wants every sport, club, and group to have equal access and usage of the school. This mission has won over the various sports and clubs.

Even with these challenges, Mr. Eldredge has had many successes at Woodbridge. He has gotten the Booster Clubs to be all on one page and come together. Also, Woodbridge has recently purchased $135,000 scoreboards that will be put up soon. In the long run, Mr. Eldredge hopes that every single person at Woodbridge is involved in some way, whether it be sports or clubs. He will ensure that the students have the resources they need to make this happen. 

Woodbridge is known for being a Viking Village and Mr. Eldredge is on a mission to make sure everyone feels connected. Mr. Eldredge knows Woodbridge is a great school and hopes to ensure that the school lives up to its full potential.