Identity Crisis for Mexican- Americans

Angelica Castro, Reporter

  America is frequently referred to as “the land of opportunity”. Many people are motivated to emigrate to America to receive better opportunities compared to the ones offered in their own countries. While many children are thankful to their families for immigrating to America, because better resources and life has been brought by living here, it has also given them challenges.  

Being born in America with Mexican origins has created the constant battle of identity crisis for Mexican- Americans. Growing up in America, young children begin to accumulate American customs. They begin to gain a grasp of the American life through its culture, music, and society. While living in America they also try to remain strongly connected to their Mexican descent. This can grow into a major problem for them as they begin to feel as if they don’t belong to either of the two worlds.  

Mexican- Americans appreciate the American life, they enjoy the culture and traditions that differentiate compared to the ones back in Mexico. However, while living life in America, many of them are criticized for loving the life in America. Many are despised for assimilating the American culture and are seen to be losing their Mexican background. While they do enjoy life in America they also keep their Mexican roots close in their hearts. They appreciate their Mexican traditions fondly, enjoying the different foods, music, and culture. Unfortunately appreciating the pueblo and ranch lifestyle is looked down upon in America, causing them to be discriminated for being “too Mexican”. Mexican- Americans are also often putdown for speaking “spanglish”, not being able speak the prefect english nor spanish due to the mixture of both worlds. 

Growing up in America can become difficult for Mexican-Americans, due to the fact that the challenge of identity begins to occur. They become uncertain as to which world they belong to and are constantly worried if they belong to one more than the other. Mexican- Americans are in the middle of both worlds, but feel as if they aren’t part of any, they are frequently involved in the conflict of identity crisis.