Update the Scoreboard

Recently, new state of the art scoreboards were placed in our gymnasium. They had their debut February 10th at the girls’ basketball game against Gar-field High, a contest that ended with a WSHS 55-10 victory, which was also their Senior night. On this night, the scoreboard had pictures of the players and the team, which at the time was very sentimental and entertaining. 

However, days have passed and the scoreboard continues to show pictures of just the basketball team. Many people feel it is time for an update. The gym is used by everyone, not just the basketball team. Woodbridge promotes the idea of being a Viking family; however, the scoreboards only promote one part of this Viking family right now. The scoreboard should show pictures of every sports team, every club, and every person.

I suggest the students should be able to email their own pictures to those who may be in charge of controlling the board. If they are appropriate, then they can be added to the scoreboard montage. Or students can download Circle (an app that allows people to upload photos on one shared document) and have those photos added to the scoreboards. These are quick and easy problems that can help ensure students know that they are apart of this school.