I Like Big Boards and I Can Not Lie

Ella Creagh, Writer

As you may know, our school recently got new digital scoreboards in the gym. They debuted at the girls basketball senior night against Garfield. Not only were the boards used to display the score of the game but during the game and the seniors walks they were playing a slideshow of pictures in order to honor and recognize the seniors. 


You may be wondering where the idea for new scoreboards all came from. Mr.Eldredge, our athletic/activities director elaborated, “Usually when I get calls from companies trying to sell me something I decline them. But this time I decided to give them 30 minutes to talk.” He was unhappy with the new scoreboard on the turf field and even more unsatisfied with the 30 year old scoreboards in the gym. He believed that WSHS deserved better. 


After liking what this salesman had to say to him about the scoreboards, he took the idea to the Vikings Athletic Booster Club (VABC) and to Mrs.Abney. The VABC then told Eldredge about the money that the VABC had available to use for athletics in the school. They decided to go along with getting the scoreboards to boost morale and money flow into the school. Not only did the scoreboards help us to excite students about events (athletic and academic) in the gym, give the gym new purposes, and help the VABC become stronger, but it also will help the school gain revenue with ads that can be displayed on them. 


Some of the events that the school plans to use the scoreboards for are movie nights, sports games, meetings, film sessions, senior nights, pep rallies, alumni events, and much more. “I wanna push to host as many events as humanly possible.” says Mr.Eldredge. These boards will help to bring people from around the community to Woodbridge to enjoy all the events and activities we have to offer throughout the year. “Hosting events in the gym will alleviate the stress put on the auditorium and open that up for some more things like fine arts and academic programming.” (Elderedge) This means that the boards will be benefiting all areas of the school. 


The fundraising the boards do will help to make it easier for sports teams to focus on practicing and playing rather than having the added responsibility of fundraising throughout the year according to Mrs.Abney. Hopefully, installing these boards will provide enough funds to help each athletic team with their expenses. The VABC paid for all the scoreboard expenses and none of the money for them came from the public funds that the school uses to get basic needs. 


Eldredge and the VABC have already started to gain sponsorships, such as the local restaurant Brittany’s, to pay for a new digital scoreboard for the turf field. The reason they started with the gym and not the field is because it was less expenses and the gym scoreboards were older. Since we are the first school in the DMV to have these scoreboards they didn’t want to jump all in and put them on the field in case it didn’t go well. Because of the great reaction to the boards and how much they have already positively impacted the school, Woodbridge plans to eventually add the boards on all the outdoor fields as well. 


This new renovation to our school is just the beginning and there is much more to come in all areas of the school. It can only go up from here for the home of the Vikings.