You Just Got Served: Boys Tennis


The court is quiet and the racket is raised as the tennis ball is thrown into the air. You can hear the ball being hit as it touches the court and flies towards the opponent. The match has begun. These are very familiar sounds to Woodbridge High School tennis player, Isaac Pixton, a senior on the team.  


Pixton has been playing tennis for about four years now. He has also been on the Woodbridge Senior High School tennis team for the same amount of time. He’s a competitive player who tends to play at the baseline. He plays both singles and doubles for the Vikings. When asked who his favorite player is, it was a quick and easy answer. Roger Federer. “That’s an easy question”, Pixton laughed as he answered. “He’s simply the greatest of all time.” Pixton is impressed with Federer’s long list of records. He has won the most grand slam matches and also reached the most finals. This is due to his longevity in the sport and consistent flawless plays. “He’s just mesmerizing to watch.” Isaac would also like to continue playing Tennis in college. “ I plan on going to BYU. They are a Division 1 school and it will be tough to make the team.”


The Woodbridge Vikings are a competitive team. They have about 12 players on the roster with players from Freshman to Seniors. Their practice schedule consists of being on the court for two plus hours a day. The practices consist of drills and strength training. “We practice dribbling, volleying, serving and lobbying. We also have to do strengthening drills to strengthen our arms, wrists, and really all of our joints.” Pixton explains. “We move a lot side to side and our timing must be spot on to prevent injury.” They are a tight knit group and all get along well. It’s been a tough season for the Vikings but they never give up.


Tennis is often thought of as an individual sport, and in many times it is, but whether you’re playing singles or doubles with your partner, you are part of a bigger whole. You are all working towards a common goal, to be the winning team. Everyone has a part and are responsible for completing that part. Win or lose in the end, the Vikings are a strong team who fight to the finish. Good luck to Isaac and the WSHS Tennis team!