Viking Bucket List

Isiah Cranfield, Writer

High school is a lengthy journey that we all must take part in. We are placed into classes with dozens of other kids who have the same purpose, to earn that high school diploma and get out of this emotional vacuum. Leaving high school as an experienced young adult is far easier than entering as a shy adolescent, and this is because of the things we encounter throughout our four-year tenure.

Freshman Year

Entering into the first year of high school, there are plenty of things to take part in. Woodbridge Senior High School aims to get their newest Vikings involved in many different extracurricular activities to make the transition from middle school to high school smooth. As a freshman, there are many opportunities that prompt students to get out and make friends in support of their school:

  • Friday night football game

The atmosphere in the stands is unlike that of any other high school sporting event because of the social aspect of the student section. Newcomers can meet new friends, sit with their peers from middle school, and look on as their varsity football players duke it out against opposing schools.

  • Homecoming Dance

Not too long after these freshman are first exposed to the wonders of high school, October introduces the infamous homecoming dance. It is tradition, an event that siblings and parents tell their freshman to go to because it is an experience that should not be overlooked. The process goes like this: ask a date (or don’t), find a group, take pictures, eat dinner, and finally go to the dance and have a good time with peers and classmates.

Sophomore Year

Now with one year under their belt, sophomores return to school with more confidence and aspirations to truly get involved. Here are several things a viking looks to do during their second year of high school.

  • Getting Involved in a Club

After testing the waters, a bit in their first year, it’s time for sophomores to try getting themselves out there. Trying something different is not always easy, however it is very beneficial in the long run. Joining a club helps narrow down a Viking’s likes and dislikes, and essentially sets up their second half of high school for them.

  • Trying Out for a High School Sport

Everyone dreams of wearing the green and gold with pride, let alone actually getting the opportunity to do so. High school sports bring out the passion in its competitors and teach many valuable lessons that are applicable beyond the field of play. Now that they have a bit of confidence in themselves, sophomore athletes look to make their mark on the sports scene.

  • Driver’s License

A driver’s license can mean many things. More freedom, more responsibility, a new car, etc. Nevertheless, the wait to drive alone is over, and a license puts students one step closer, or 4 wheels closer, to be their own individual.

Junior Year

Two years down, two years to go is the mentality across juniors who look for new ways to make their mark on WSHS before it’s too late. The “Golden Year” calls for more responsibility and invites more freedom.

  • Go to a High School Party

Whether you’re a social butterfly or not, the thrills of a high school party are extremely enticing. Socializing, combining friend groups, and letting loose after the end of a stressful school week are all aspects of a high school party. This is an experience junior take along with them throughout adulthood and beyond, and an experience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Take SAT/ACT

A key component of the post-secondary school process is taking those standardized tests. Although most students who take the SAT or ACT don’t particularly like taking it, they do enjoy receiving those scores that get them one step closer to their future after high school.

Senior Year

            At last, the last ride. One more year before life really kicks off. Senior year is the time to prepare for the next chapter of life, while celebrating the memories and experiences from the years before.

  • Applying to College

Senior year is the year of planning, and another step in the process for post-secondary education is applying to colleges. The application process is very stressful, however the feeling once it’s over is worth it.

  • Senior Trip

The destination of the senior trip is determined by SCA and the majority of the class. The senior trip is one of the many activities/events that come shortly before graduation week, and it acts a farewell to the Viking seniors.

  • Senior Prom

Senior prom is every senior’s dream, one last dance. A dance that is exclusive for upperclassmen, prom is always a night to remember, and that includes the things that happen before AND after.