American Thanksgiving 2021


Date of Thanksgiving 2021

American Thanksgiving, the holiday to give gratitude. Thanksgiving in America is a holiday celebrating things we are grateful for and gathering with friends and family to eat a grand meal, traditionally with the main course of turkey. 

  Thanksgiving in the United States is celebrated throughout the country. In 2021 American Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, November 25th, the fourth Thursday of November. Native American Heritage Day,  the following day, Friday, November 26th, will be celebrated, along with Black Friday. Since American Thanksgiving is a federal American holiday, all government buildings will be closed, along with a few private businesses too.


Brief History of Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving started in 1621; Plymouth colonizers feasted and shared thanks with the Wampanoag tribe, making that the first recorded celebration of thanks. Although that was their first Thanksgiving, Americans did not continue this tradition until 1863. For 250 years of American history, Thanksgiving was not a holiday!

The first time Thanksgiving was proclaimed as a national holiday was in 1870, when President Lincoln 1870 and encouraged Americans to celebrate it on the last Thursday of November. Then, Former President Roosevelt, 1941 changed it to the fourth Thursday of November, to boost retail sales, during the great depression of 1939. Americans not only celebrate Thanksgiving but continue boosting retail sales by engaging in Black Friday every year.


Thanksgiving During Pandemic

Thanksgiving during a pandemic sounds tricky, let’s hear about what the people have to say. According to an anonymous Junior WSHS student, “With the pandemic going around, it’s harder to make plans and keep everyone safe.” Keeping everyone safe is an important factor of celebrating during a pandemic, putting health a main priority. 

True the pandemic has made it very challenging to be with friends and family, especially around the holidays. Anonymous sophomore WSHS student, “It’s best to have a smaller celebration this year, especially if you are close to someone who is high risk.” Skipping the holidays this year isn’t going to be uncommon, due to the circumstances.

Planning on getting vaccinated before the holiday? You’ve missed your chance. According to the CDC, ” It typically takes two weeks after vaccination for the body to build immunity against the virus that causes COVID-19.” Thanksgiving is less than a couple days away, but don’t let that stop you from getting vaccinated. 

“Celebrating Thanksgiving this year will be difficult; just make sure to keep you and others around you safe,” recommends an anonymous Junior. Americans will still try to celebrate Thanksgiving, even through difficult times like these.


Happy Thanksgiving, Woodbridge!