Eavan Pierri, Contributor

Thanksgiving dinner out with the old in with the new. 


Thanksgiving is known to be the holiday with the best and most food. Every family in America eats a somewhat same version of food on Thanksgiving day. Why don’t we make a change in what we eat on Thanksgiving and make a new food tradition? 


This tradition came from the Plymouth colonists . They ate the traditional dinner because it was what they had but now that we’re open to more food we should start adjusting to new foods and take advantage of the food we have access to now . Thanksgiving is about spending time with people and eating together but no one said you have to eat these “traditional “ foods. Thanksgiving should be spent enjoying food you like so we should branch out and make new foods and traditions.


 Although many want to keep these traditions and claim the star of the Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey, I disagree with them although on shows and movies most Americans cherish the turkey dinner, but in reality we see that people aren’t so fond of turkey or the Thanksgiving food. People complain that turkey is dry and doesn’t really have a taste that pops out for them and they’d prefer the ham than the turkey. 


Many pro-Thanksgiving dinner Vikings say the most underrated Thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce. People expressed that most people are scared of the idea of mixing the sweet sauce with the other salty foods on their plate. If we should not be scared of cranberry sauce why not be open to change. When discussing  the Thanksgiving dishes it was most said a side dish. So if people really enjoy the side dishes, what’s the whole point? Why not just bring new foods and meals that they do enjoy?


With all the comments and complaints I got it seemed that I got more complaints on thanksgiving food then positive comments. My question is why do we still eat these “traditional “ foods like turkey , ham , mashed potatoes and any more  on Thanksgiving if we really don’t like them , is it because it’s an “ American tradition “ or that we have to have a turkey because it’s “mandatory”.  Since 1621 we’ve been eating these “ traditional “ foods so I think it’s time for a change and time to make new traditions with new foods. I think we should stop being scared of change and branch out .