Flex, but All Day!


Jonathan Bonilla, Contributor

Students in Woodbridge Senior High schools deserve some time to catch up and All-day flex is the perfect way to do that! It can provide a way for students to relieve some stress and get work done. With high schoolers already having it rough due to the pandemic, time constraints, and working jobs, all-day flex could be the gateway to the solution of these very important issues.

I think students should have all day flex once a week. It would be a day where students can go to each class for shorter amounts of time and be able to catch up. This is because students often feel stressed out and overwhelmed due to large amounts of work throughout the school year. Mental health is also affected, and I know schools would want otherwise.

All day flex could be the fix for these problems and be the start of students being able to start their journey to better health which in turn would greatly boost their education. Students would be able to get more work done then they have before, be able to focus and put more time into studying and have better mental health overall. Stress levels would decrease, and grades would increase. 

Many factors play into why students may feel stressed or burnt out because of school. The pandemic affecting kids mental by keeping them in the house all day was not beneficial. High schoolers are also at the point where they need to start working jobs, and that could lead to having less time to do the work they need to do. 

A current WSHS student had this to say about whether they would prefer this, “I like the idea of all- day flex, but I would prefer the regular flex that we had freshman year (2019).” A different viewpoint but respected. In general, many students support the idea of flex and being able to get work done. 

The only thing that might hold back many high schoolers from considering this option is that you would have to visit each class, which could be draining. I’m sure students could adapt to this relatively quickly and end up being happy that the change was made.

Another perspective we need to consider is the teachers. While yes teachers would lose out on some instructional time, the loss would be balanced out by the review time and opportunities that could arise from all-day flex. Scheel, a current APUSH teacher at WSHS said this, “There would be a loss of instructional class time, but that could be balanced out by the remediation/review/enrichment that would be going on in those shortened “Flex Day” blocks. If it was shown to help students. It would be worth a look.” 

The rise of stress levels in students and the fall of grades need to be addressed. All day flex could be the fix for this issue. The pros greatly outweigh the cons and that is why I believe that WSHS should have All Day Flex!