Vikings Return to Homecoming in 2021


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Woodbridge celebrated homecoming last Saturday, October 16th, and students were excited to return to festivities after the pandemic.

After a year of uncertainty and hardship, homecoming weekend was a long-awaited relief for many students at Woodbridge. COVID-19 had halted the traditions that Woodbridge cherishes, but homecoming celebrations resumed at last. The entire community was able to participate in the fun, enjoying many of the activities that the school hosted.


Homecoming Pep Rally


Woodbridge took the Hollywood theme in stride, incorporating it into week-long activities. 

Spirit Week created suspense leading up to the pep rally, including themes such as Pattern Day, Ages Day, and Celebrity Day. These spirit-filled activities created a hyped and exciting week for Woodbridge. 

The pep rally was set up like in years past, each class separated in the bleachers with participants playing a series of games. SALT took over the preparations, organizing the entire day.

“The planning went well,” teacher sponsor Mr. Geck said in an interview. “It was student-run, and most of the games and activities were in their hands.

The games chosen were a hit, students enjoying Guess the Lyric, Tic-Tac-toe, and Tug-of-War. 

“We wanted to make sure there were opportunities for crowd involvement and that it was constantly engaging,” Geck explained when asked about the game choices. “We followed the outline that SALC has used in previous years, but we made the event our own.”

SALT committed to this idea by including all fall sports in the pep rally. 

“We didn’t want it to be too football-centric, we really tried to give everyone a chance.” Geck stated.

Woodbridge can look forward to another surprise: a spring pep rally is in the making. The leadership programs have dedicated themselves to creating more fun-filled activities throughout the school year, giving students more chances to participate. 

“The idea is to celebrate the winter and highlight the upcoming spring season. Three pep rallies is a little too much, but we can get away with two.” Geck joked when asked what could be improved. 

This event was a welcome refresher after a difficult year, making it one of the most successful celebrations that Woodbridge has produced. The pep rally reflected the upcoming excitement for the Homecoming season, giving students the long–lasting opportunity to celebrate in school once again. 


Homecoming Parade and Game


Woodbridge continued the long-standing tradition to end Homecoming week with the Homecoming parade. This year the parade did not disappoint and was extremely successful, uniting students and teachers in the community. Participants in the parade passed out candy from their floats, bringing people together to celebrate the end of the week for high school students. Different clubs participated in the parade, such as JROTC, Woodbridge Art and German club, and the volleyball, swim, and crew teams. It was a much needed celebration after last year’s cancellation of sporting events and activities.   

Soon after the parade, Woodbridge battled Freedom in the homecoming football game. School spirits ran high as students dressed for a pink-out and cheered for their fellow Vikings throughout the remainder of the night. 

A moment of silence took place for Coach Moore, a beloved teacher and defensive coach for the football team who suddenly passed away a few weeks prior during halftime. Candles were raised and the stadium lights shut off as the Woodbridge community remembered a fellow friend, coach, family member, and teacher. 

Students cherished the events of the parade and the football game, making it a night to remember.  


Homecoming Dance


Lots of students showed up Saturday night at the Homecoming dance to celebrate the beginning of a new school year! Homecoming was decorated for the popularly voted theme: the Hollywood red carpet. However, this dance was very different from previous years because masks were required at the event. There were lots of photos taken in front of the Hollywood-decorated boards and the red carpet laid out at the entrance.

“The decorations were absolutely beautiful, I only wish more of the songs my friends and I requested had been played,” an anonymous student commented about the event. 

“The thing I enjoyed most was definitely being able to socialize and dance with my friends! We all enjoyed hanging out, I hope at the next dance there’s more food to snack on and more seating,” another student stated. 

Although there is always room for improvement, the celebration was widely favored by Woodbridge students. The dance was bursting with school pride, welcoming returning students after the pandemic. 


A Return to Celebration


These school traditions have been missed, but students adapted to a new normal to enjoy these celebrations once again. Each event holds a special place in the hearts of Woodbridge students and staff, giving them a chance to celebrate again and enliven the winter season. COVID-19 may have put the world on pause, but it could not stop the Woodbridge Homecoming spirit.