Commercialization of Christmas in America


Joey Ha

Christmas has been widely commercialized by America, boosting retail and sharing spirit. Christmas, the Christian holiday inspired by the pagan winter fest.


The American Federal holiday is celebrated every December 25th. Christmas has impacted the winter season. However, Christmas is a holiday normally celebrated by Christians, it is also celebrated by non-Christians, in a secular way.


            While Christians use this holiday to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday, some other Americans use this holiday in a secular way. People use this holiday to hang out with friends and family. Sharing the Christmas spirit by watching holiday films and gifting gifts on Christmas.


Christmas is the most commercialized holiday in America, with Americans spending on average $942 in 2019 on Christmas gifts (not including the cost of decoration and parties). Christmas is super commercialized because people are buying more than they need, with businesses taking advantage of that.


Christmas movies, one of the most exciting things about Christmas. Hallmark makes an abundance of money from these low-budget holiday movies. Hallmark isn’t the only company that makes Christmas movies, with big brands doing holiday specials.


When people think of Christmas, they think of the aesthetic. An anonymous junior says “When I think of Christmas, I think of the pretty lights and the aesthetic.” Another  sophomore agrees with the idea and says “I think of hanging out with friends and family surrounded by Christmas decorations”.


“From what I have experienced Christmas is overhyped by corporations and the market takes the opportunity to boost retail sales” According to Anonymous sophomore. Over the last 20 years, holiday retail sales have increased (minus the recessions).

Sometimes businesses will rely on Christmas sales and make a significant profit off of them. Although Christmas being commercialized has its faults, it isn’t a bad thing necessarily, it brings a lot of income to businesses. Even so, Christmas is enjoyed by many Americans, Happy Holidays Woodbridge!