A New Year a New You


As 2022 begins, so does the start of new year’s resolutions, whether they are positive or end in disappointment. 


According to a recent YouGov survey, 35% of people who made resolutions managed to stick to all of their goals, and 50% of people managed to keep some of their resolutions. A lot of people have very different resolutions that vary among society. Whether someone sets a goal based on what those around them are doing, a goal for their health or to break/start a new habit. 


After being asked whether they have a resolution and if they think they can achieve it, an anonymous Woodbridge high school student says, “I have a resolution to motivate myself more often, and I believe I can achieve it if I work hard enough. I do think I could fail achieving this goal by losing motivation, but I have hope that I can stick to my goal this year”. 


Having a concrete goal is the first step but having a plan to keep up with that goal is also important. Some goals may rely on a time constraint while others can be loosely all year around. It’s important when setting a goal to focus on what steps you can take to get where you want. You can do this by looking at a specific time you want your result and or the relevance of your goal. Is your goal for you? Or the validation you seek from society and those around you?  


Possibly the most important take on a goal can be how achievable it really is. Is your goal step by step or simply one large step and a hope you end up with the results you want? Not only do people create goals for a new year but a lot of people make a goal to break a bad habit. For example, according to cancer.org, smoking is one of the biggest habits people try to break but fail. A common method to quit smoking according to health professionals is to try eating lollipops instead. Most smokers have trouble quitting because it turns into a craving, so replacing the cigarette with something sweet to hold has helped many people break a smoking habit. 


Having a goal can be motivation to keep trying, whether you are trying something new or breaking old habits, alone or with others, here is a reminder that goals can be set anytime, not just at the start of a new year. If you have a goal(s) or are thinking of creating one, keep going!