Good Fortune in Spring

Good Fortune in Spring

  As spring marches its way around the corner, so do seasonal traditions such as spring cleaning. 

 As spring approaches the days get warmer, the sun shines a little longer and more people start to get active. After the winter season many people feel the “seasonal blues”. Throughout the year many people will clean up the areas they spend the most time in, such as a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. However, a lot of corners in the house are overlooked and neglected. 

 You may start to notice in public stores magazines will be placed on racks and they are all about cleaning tips and spring cleaning. Spring cleaning traditions start way back in history rooting in Jewish and Iranians cultures. In Iranian culture it was custom to burn items and start planting. The planting was to symbolize renewal and optimism for a new season. 

 In Jewish custom, Passover (Pesach) is a time of house cleaning as well. Jewish slaves were starved in Egypt and because of this the Jewish culture has adopted bread as their symbolism during “Passover” which takes place in the spring. 

 Another culture that partakes in spring cleaning is the Chinese. Much like the Iranians and Jewish, the Chinese clean their homes in preparation for a new season bringing joy and good fortune. 

 A Woodbridge student says, “I enjoy spring cleaning, it helps clear my mind and start fresh”.

Another student says, “I typically clean year around, but something about the days being warmer really encourages me to deep clean my house”. 

 Whether it’s traditional for you and your family to spring clean or not, give it a try! You could find some peace of mind and good fortune headed your way with spring cleaning!