Allergy Season

Allergy Season

As spring approaches so do seasonal allergies. It’s not just a season for blooming flowers but also sickness.


No one appreciates itchy eyes, sore throat, and a cough. Allergies are triggered by pollen infecting the immune system, the body in defense releases antibodies to fight off the pollen which the body mistakes for a virus. The released antibodies trigger a release of a chemical known as “Histamines” which cause symptoms similar to a cold, such as the runny nose, sore throat, and itchy eyes. 


Doctors will usually treat allergies with prescriptions or allergy shots. However, there are home remedies that could also be a huge help. There are air filters, saline nasal solutions, probiotics, vitamins, and over the counter drugs. 


Using air filters can help capture and suck out the pollen and allergens in the air that is causing your sickness. Vitamins are also very important for the human body whether you are sick or not. Vitamin C, or just the sun itself, helps boost the body’s immune system and energy. 


Nasal saline solutions help prevent dryness in the nose and help break down mucus to help you breathe more comfortably. There are also plenty of over the counter drugs you can buy from any local store. There are pill and liquid options that can heal and prevent sickness mainly caused by allergies that are caused by pollen etc. 


This spring season, don’t spend it stuck inside sick, avoiding the sunlight, when you can heal and prevent sickness by going outside and feeling that warm weather!