Month of Military Children


It is important to recognize our US soldiers and their contributions to our country, but we should not overlook the contributions and struggle of military children. 


For about 40 years, April 1st has been the day that kicks off the start of “The month of the military child”. A month of representation created by the United States Defense to honor military kids. 


The theme of MOMC is usually mental health awareness and overall well-being. A military child’s life is unique but challenging. There are negative aspects to being a military child such as frequent moves around the country, which in turn could mean switching schools often and leaving friends behind. Military children also carry a burden of watching their parents be deployed and would go a long time without seeing their parents. 


When asked how their parents being in the military affects them, this WSHS student says “honestly it’s really hard. I have switched highschool twice so far and I am constantly leaving behind friends and now I find it difficult to make new friends because I’m afraid I’ll just move again”. Another WSHS student says “I moved during my 7th grade year in middle school. It sucked having to leave behind my friends I had grown up with and start over in a whole new school, not to mention I was so worried about my mom being overseas that I found it hard to concentrate”. 


According to the United States Department of Defense, though April is the MOMC, help and support is present at all times for those children struggling. If you are a military child struggling with your situation you can always find helpful resources at youth centers, military family support centers and military counselors near you! Military children in need of help can connect with kids in a similar situation, You are not alone!