Incorporating the Five Love Languages into the Season of Giving


How difficult does one find it to find the so-called “perfect gift” each time this part of the year comes around? Chances are that the probability of it being difficult is very likely.

Let’s digress. There are five love languages that each individual can categorize themselves into. Words of affirmation; acts of service; giving/receiving gifts; quality time; and physical touch.


Obtaining the “perfect gift” for somebody would undoubtedly become less complicated once their love language is integrated into it. Here’s a practical situation that exemplifies the love languages.

Words of Affirmation: This coffee is great! ^^

Acts of Service: I made you a coffee:)

Receiving Gifts: Here’s a coffee:D

Quality Time: Let’s go get coffee together :>

Physical Touch: Let me hold you like a cup of coffee <3


Furthermore, here are examples on general ideas on what to gift somebody based off of their love language.

If it’s words of affirmation, write them a heartfelt letter.

If it’s act of services, do something for them, no matter how mundane it may seem.

If they value receiving gifts, make, or buy them something, that correspond to their interests or needs.

If they like spending quality time, take them out, or do a sincere activity together.

And if it’s physical touch, be bodily affectionate with them, perhaps more than usual, and maybe pair this with another activity, whilst incorporating the physical sensation aspect of it.


Exert your heart into it, because as cliché as it sounds, it truly is the thought and sentiment behind it that counts. And even, and most especially then, good luck finding their perfect gift!