Not Recycling Harms More Than You Think

Not Recycling Harms More Than You Think

Marwah Wasi

You may be wondering based on the title, “What is karma, and does it affect your life?” Whether it be the mind, speech, or body. In Hindu philosophy, karma means action. To understand, one must become self-aware. We have the choice to make a positive and progressive lifestyle towards ourselves and other changes which would positively impact vibrational Imprints are created through certain actions or “Karmic Formations”.


The Earth’s issue which we have caused isn’t an individual issue, it is an issue that impacts each of us. When we all do our part in helping the environment, we shift our Earth’s health for the better. If we want to save our future, which is 99.9 percent determined by the karma of each and one of us, then we have got to work on the environment.


These tasks can start small in our everyday lifestyle, such as creating a recycling bin. You can use the bin for notes, straws, and plastic. Another considerate task is reusing, which is cheaper and more efficient. Something for you to do at home easily is reducing energy consumption. Such as turning off the lights before leaving the house. Using less electricity at home during the day is a necessity let the natural light in and the best source to getting your vitamin D in.


Energy conservation techniques are applicable everywhere from school to home. Let’s be the change.