Living Life to the Fullest


Ellie Millner, Sports Editor

You only live once. A quote that you have probably heard countless times and brush off like nothing. Although you may feel it is overused and is now losing its meaning, it is completely true. Live a great life with the limited time you have and make the most of every situation.  

One chance at life is all you have. You have one chance to live out your dreams. To have that dream family and job that you have always wished for. Let your dreams drive you to live. Consider this as you continue to live your life. Let your decisions lead you into the direction of your dreams. Cherish and take a moment to appreciate each you are given. 

Take nothing for granted, and everything as a miracle. Nothing you are given is guaranteed, whatsoever, so stay grateful. You never know when your last day on this earth is, so live every day like it is your last. Stop spending so much time on social media, scrolling and wasting time. Go spend time with your loved ones and cherish each moment you have with them. From having a nice meal together to going on a family walk, time spent with a loved one is something to never be forgotten. 

Live YOUR life. Stop caring so much about what other people think of you. Whether it is how much people will judge you for wearing something, to how you should act around certain friends, forget it and be you. Find the balance between stopping yourself living and being a good person. So much potential is wasted when you stop yourself from certain things just because of the opinions of others. Do not let it hold you back and take your life into your own hands. 

Leave positivity everywhere you go, and BE KIND. You never ever know what someone is going through and making someone else’s life better seems like a wonderful way to make the most of your own. A simple comment such as “I love your outfit” would change a person’s day in an instant. Sophomore Sarah Ican says, “Compliments can change my whole mood for the day.” A good day can turn into a good week, a good week can turn into a great month, and so on. 

No more wasted days. Obviously, we all have “bad days” but do not let that ruin it all. If something bad happens, move on, and think of something more positive. If you cannot do anything about it, there is no point in focusing on it. We must find it within ourselves to move past the bad and focus on the good to come. It is a waste of time, so focus on the present rather than the past. 

Here are some ideas to fulfill your life: 

  • Do what makes YOU happy 
  • Spend quality time with family 
  • Trying new things to challenge yourself 
  • If you are getting stressed, stop and plan out how to fix the problem 
  • Never go to sleep mad at a loved one 
  • Live your dream life, not someone else’s dream life for you 
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes, mistakes are a step closer to greatness 
  • Compliment someone everyday 
  • Be as productive as possible 
  • Look at everything with a positive mindset