Talking to Your Teachers


Mikayla Eaton, News Editor

As a student, talking to your teachers can be intimidating. Whether you are asking for help on assignment, or just want to chat, it can be hard to approach them. Building a good relationship with your teachers is important for academic success. Here are some tips to help you talk to your teachers. 

1 Be respectful. When you talk to your teacher make sure you are polite and address them by Mr. or Mrs. Try to avoid slang or profanity. 

2 Be prepared. Before you go to your teacher make sure you have everything in order. If you have a specific question, write it down ahead of time so you don’t forget. If you’re working on an assignment and need help, bring it with you so they can see what you’re working on. 

3 Be specific. Don’t just go to your teacher and say I need help, try finding exactly what you’re struggling with. Instead say “I’m having trouble with this part of the assignment” or “Can you explain this to me in a different way?” It will help you and your teacher figure out what exactly you’re not understanding. 

4 Be honest. If you’re struggling in that class, tell your teacher, they can’t help if they don’t know what’s going on. Tell them your situation and ask for their advice. 

5 Be open to feedback. Your teacher might have suggestions on how to improve your work and it’s important you listen. Don’t get all defensive and argumentative, instead take their feedback into consideration and use it to improve yourself. 

6 Be appreciative. Make sure to say thank you if your teacher helps you with something. Let them know you are grateful for their time and effort. 

Talking to your teachers can be nerve-wracking. With these tips it will improve the relationships you have with your teachers and you get the help you need to succeed in school.