Book Bans

The movement to ban books is driven by a minority demanding censorship. Where would students learn if we don’t learn at school? This is attack to students and educators.

Due to cases where long lists of books are removed for further investigation, bans this school year are increasingly affecting a wider range including those that portray violence and abuse (44%), discuss topics of health and wellbeing (38%), and cover death and grief (30%). This illustrates how censorship impacts a wide range of books.

Books for us should serve to reflect and represent children and people in our society and world. This helps us see and feel valued. Books are there for comfort when a person can relate. Not everyone’s life is the same and that is the magic of books. Books provide opportunities to learn about the experiences of people who are different as well.

How does it help if books are being banned? If a person chooses a certain book it’s for a reason. Allow us to move through different spaces proudly. A book is to teach and touch lives. That doesn’t help me. Schools deserve better.