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2024 Trendy News: Predicting the Hottest Trends of the New Year

As 2023 wraps up and 2024 rolls in, it’s the perfect time to explore some exciting trends that are expected to begin this year! Some of the trends that were popular in 2023 might been seen as out of style in 2024, and with that people start to make their own predictions. From fashion and music to technology and social media, there’s so much to explore! 

One prediction is the “TikTok Takeover”. While TikTok was created in 2016, it has quickly spread worldwide as people of all ages, from kids-adults started to use it in their daily lives and has no plan on slowing down any time soon. It’s a social media platform that people use to showcase their creativity, help their platform, discovering new music, exploring niche communities, and even launching careers.  

Recently TikTok has started their own marketplace because brands started to recognize the number of users on TikTok and the influence it has on them. They decided to collaborate with influencers and create engaging content to reach the younger audience using TikTok’s advertising features, like sponsored TikToks and branded hashtags. This allows brands to connect with users in a fun and authentic way! Don’t click on this link unless you want to waste hours on tiktok.. tiktok 

Eco-Friendly fashion is predicted to be on the rise as well. Using eco-friendly materials contributes to the reduction of pollution in the environment and the energy it consumes for production in the industry.  Because of that, consumers are demanding these sorts of products more than the non-ecofriendly apparels. More info  

These demands prove the struggles and opportunities clothing companies will have from the changes they’re forced to make, resulting in the need to involve sustainable practices and have ecofriendly alternatives within the fashion industry. Brands also call this “sustainable fashion”, as they make their clothing using recycled materials, sustainably grown fiber crops, etc.  

Speaking about fashion, the early 2000s and the 90s are also making a comeback although society has modernized it in a way calling it Y2k.  Low-rise jeans, maxi skirts, cargos, multiple belts, tracksuits, flared jeans and more are just some of the many examples of what came back into style. But now society has added a little twist to it, for example platform sneakers and fanny packs are in style now, but they’re being paired with more contemporary pieces. Pieces like oversized sweaters or hoodies, athletic wear, and flowy midi or maxi dresses. Even though it’s not the same kind of fashion as it was back then, people are being creative and adding their own taste into it! 

While it is sad that we have to say goodbye to 2023, 2024 has people brimming with expectations of what’s to come. With a fresh start, new beginnings, opportunities, chances for positive changes, and welcoming the adventures fills people up with excitement to see what 2024 has in store for us! 

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