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The Beauty Playground: Kids taking over Sephora

Sephora is known as a beauty retailer that offers a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products. A wonderland for all things beauty! People often go there to explore trends, try out different brands, and get expert advice from the staff! It’s a popular place where beauty enthusiasts and makeup lovers go alike!  

As Sephora’s popularity increases, so does the number of kids that shop there too. This all stemmed from TikTok. People make “GWRM” Tiktoks to share their routines with others! GWRM stands for “Get Ready With Me” and it’s a popular trend where people film themselves getting ready for the day. This can range from skincare routines to putting on makeup or styling their hair. It’s also a way for people to show their style, give beauty tips, and connect with others that share the same interests.  

Originally, they were made by young adults and teenagers for people around that same age range. But recently, younger audiences like children under 10 were exposed to their GRWM tiktoks too, which influenced them to copy them by buying and using the same products and making GRWM tiktoks as well. To do this they’re raiding Sephora, buying out products they don’t need, being unnecessarily disrespectful to the staff as well as others, and making a mess while shopping! 

Some products that they are buying can cause health risks to them because they aren’t made for children. Brands like The Ordinary, Tacha, Glow Recipe, Paula’s Choice, and the king of them all, Drunk Elephant are just some of the many brands that contain ingredients harsh for children. 

 A product commonly used by adults is retinol which is a form of vitamin A that is commonly used in skincare products to help with issues like acne and aging. Another product is Lactic acid, when it’s produced naturally from the body it’s safe, but when it comes it external use like skincare or treatments or is used in high concentration, it can become a safety concern. Children’s skin is more sensitive, and delicate compared to adults. Potential side effects from using it are redness, irritation, dryness, and increased sensitivity to the sun.  

Kids who are also buying these expensive products are  rude to their parents when they said “no”. Not only parents, but they also give employees a hard time when they are only trying to do their job. While there are parents who stand their ground and say “no”, there are also parents who encourage this type of behavior by not correcting them when they’re rude to them and to the staff. When shopping they often make messes with the products they try and don’t clean up after, giving unnecessary work to the employees. 

Society today has mixed feelings about this problem. Some say that it’s great to see them exploring their interests and expressing themselves. And if they use minimal products that are safe for them, it can keep their skin healthy as they grow older. On the hand, some people might feel that they’re too young to be focused on beauty products and were wrongly influenced.  

Ultimately, it comes down to personal opinions and values. If kids are respectful and responsible, it can be a positive experience for them! It’s important for parents and guardians to guide them in making the right decisions. What matters most is that everyone feels comfortable and respected in the shopping environment.  


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