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Celebrating the Spirit of Saint’s Patrick Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17 is a widely recognized holiday that celebrates the honor of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It was originally celebrated in Ireland with religious feasts in the early 17th century. Now in Modern day, it celebrates Irish culture, heritage, and identity worldwide. People celebrate it because it is when Saint Patrick as wells as the arrival of Christianity came to Ireland as well as a day where they can come together and enjoy the peace. 

 When we think of Saint Patrick Day, we often think of the Leprechaun, but why do we associate them with the holiday? Well, this legend dates back farther than the holiday itself! Leprechauns are mythical creatures from Ireland folklore, they were described as small, mischievous beings who hoards gold and are skilled shoemakers.  

While Saint Patrick’s Day has deep religious and cultural roots, the connection with Leprechauns stemmed from the commercialization and popularization of Irish imagery and symbols.  

Saint Patrick’s Day is also celebrated with lively parades, traditional music, festive attire with shades of green, and of course, the iconic symbol of the shamrock. Some common types of traditional Irish music that is listened to is Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, and more!  

They also eat many Irish cuisines surrounded by family in celebration of the holiday.  Foods like corned beef and cabbage, Shepards pie, soda bread, Irish coffee, and Guinness and Irish Ale are few of the many foods they have during the holiday.  

Saint Patrick’s Day parades are colorful, lively events that usually occurs in towns and cities worldwide to celebrate the heritage and culture of Ireland. Some common things that those parades have marching bands consisting of musicians playing traditional music or other festive tunes, floats decorated with Irish-themed decorations, banners, and symbols and they could also serve as a focal point of the parade. 

There are Irish dancers often dressed in traditional costumes who perform Irish dances like Irish step dancing and Riverdance. And lastly cultural organizations that take part by marching in the parade, handing out banners or flags representing their heritage, and showing their view of Irish culture through music, dance, and traditional attire.  

 Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just a holiday, it is a celebration of Irish culture, heritage, and the enduring spirit of Saint Patrick himself. From the origins as a religious feast day in Ireland to it being celebrated globally. Through the lively parades to having a big feast with the warmth of your family at home. Saint Patrick’s Day allows citizens worldwide to come together to embrace the beauty of this culture.  


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