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The Mental And Physical Effects Of House Fires


House fires have a mental and physical impact on everyone involved. Personally I know someone who  has been in a house fire and it even impacted me even though I wasn’t there in that very moment but it emotionally hurt me for my family making sure they were okay. Firefighters even have their life changed by a house fire, maybe it being they knew that person in this certain fire or maybe the fire emotionally hurt them.

If you walk up to someone off the street or at the fire station, and asked them if they had ever witnessed or been in a house fire it may be sensitive to them even if it wasn’t them in the home during the accident. It can cause so many mental health problems with ones involving the fires.

On July 17,2017 a person was killed from a house fire and pronounced dead at the scene. Not much was said from except the firefighters had rushed into the scene to rescue the victim.

On a Monday February 5th, the home of four was attacked by a sudden house fire. There were no injuries according to the home was declared ‘unsafe’ according to chief Smolsky. “Smoke detectors provide the quickest means to alert you to a fire. They allowed the occupants of this incident to safely evacuate the structure without injury,” Smolsky said in a news release. “All homes should be equipped with working detectors. Smoke detectors should be checked regularly to ensure operational readiness. Says chief Smolsky from the pwc times article.

A more recent case of a house fires was March 10th, a family of twenty was displaced after their home was set on fire on a Friday night. The reasoning to this case was a candle in the second floor bedroom had ignited with some bedding in that room. Five adults and fifteen children were in this incident. A GoFundMe was started to help their family of twenty out.

Many questions may have popped up in your brain, what if this happened to an firefighter? How would this affect them knowing its happening to them and they have to save their own lives instead of someone else’s. these are very valid questions to ask yourself, about two days ago DC had a fire that had displaced a firefighter and a victim themselves. These two people were sent to the hospital with non fatal injuries.

The major  mental effects these house fires can cause are, depression especially if you know/knew the victims in the house fires. Or possibly PTSD, if you were a victim of these fires. And with the ‘victims family’ they may feel anxiety and scared for the rest of their family because they think it can happen again.

The major physical effects that people can have on house fires are, increase cancer risks and strokes from inhaling the smoke while being trapped in a fire. This can also lead to heart and lunch issues and the main cause is inhaling the smoke or exposure to the flames. Lung cancer is one of the many cancers you can get when inhaling the smoke, especially if you have major health problems.

Let’s talk about smoke from a house fire, is it toxic? Yes, It is toxic be aware of inhaling smoke from fires it can kill you if you inhale too much of it in just a little bit of time. The most common poison in smoke is carbon monoxide, it does many things to you but one thing is, it will make you feel unaware/disoriented.

FEMA is a organization that provides financial assistance and direct services to individuals effected by disasters most commonly house fires, and individuals that have uninsured expenses that cant be paid because of their recent disaster FEMA is here to he for everyone around the world that was or is in a disaster. Since the government is assisting this organization FEMA is allowed to give money to people in need. They give immediate assistance to survivors of their crisis, they can also produce temporary housing  if needed, so those people can get back on their feet and pay off whatever they need to. They are eligible to give property to families, like single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, vacation rentals etc.

You can expect 8,000 or less depending on your situation. But it helps out so much, with getting back on your feet and starting fresh to either get a new home, or try and find a living situation after FEMA. Heres so more information on FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, initially created under President Jimmy Carter by Presidential Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 and implemented by two Executive Orders on April 1, 1979 their job is to coordinate the federal governments role in disaster preparation, prevention and relief.

The state of Virginia has more than 24,000 house fires a year. These fires have cost more than 8.3 billion in the last couple of years. Texas is the state with the most common house fires and/or fires in general due to its hot weather and climate change, it can cause droughts and/or forest/house fires and impacting everyone. In 2018, Texas had 99 house fires and from 2019- 2022 Texas forest fire rates have gone up but thousands. Covering lots of lost acres. And the second state with the most house fires would be north  Carolina with the most fire fatalities in 2018 caused by smoking and many other dangerous reasons.

House fires can be fatal to all, even the ones not involved, it can cause mental and physical risks of health to everyone even firefighters. Even if it looks like they’re okay with these dangerous fires it can cause a toll on them as well. And if  need of anything due to a recent disaster look up if in need of temporary housing or some money due to your living circumstances.



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