A Tribute to Mr. Moore

A Tribute to Mr. Moore

Frederick Moore was a coach, teacher, and dear friend, and Woodbridge tributes him after his passing on Friday, September 17th, 2021. 


  Mr. Moore was the defensive coordinator for the Woodbridge football team, and he dedicated his time and energy into personally impacting many athletes. 

Woodbridge football player Jabari Odoemenem remarked, “Since the death of Mr. Moore, it has just made us practice harder. It also made us realize that we should play for him and for ourselves.”

Woodbridge had a “purple-out” at the football game to honor his memory, and the victory made it even more memorable. 

“The win felt great. I felt Coach Moore’s presence on the field with us, and it’s always going to feel that way when we step on the field,” a varsity player commented.


 Mr. Moore also inspired many students to push themselves in the classroom. 

“I met Mr. Moore on Zoom, and he had the best energy every morning. I was glad to find out I had him again this year in person because he knew I struggled in math, but he continued to push me and he never let me procrastinate. I’m really thankful for that,” a math student of Mr. Moore stated.


Mr. Moore impacted both his students and his fellow teachers, establishing valuable friendships. Coach Longerbeam, the head coach of the Woodbridge football team, had much to say about his coaching experience with Mr. Moore. 

“He was a great guy and had the “it” factor. The kids loved him and he was an excellent coach.” 

When asked how the team handled the situation, he explained, “It’s been tough, but I think the kids have done a great job of supporting each other in such a tough time. Coach is gone, but certainly not forgotten.” 

Mr. Moore had a deep passion for football, inspiring players and teachers to follow their dreams.


Mr. Moore became part of the Viking family in the midst of a pandemic, and he tackled that challenge with both passion and determination. He cared immensely for his students’ academic success, managing to “create a spark in each of them to learn and eagerly attend his class” as Ms. Quarles recalls. 

He was dedicated to his family and mentioned his visits back home in Alabama, demonstrating his values as a family man. Quarles mentioned he was also admired for “his ability to balance home, work, and passion.”

 Mr. Moore had a tender soul, supporting both his students and his players. He loved his family and home with all his heart, and maintained his classic smile even through the middle of a pandemic. He was an amazing person who helped those around him, and he will live in Woodbridge’s memory for years to come.