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WSHS’s Epic Odyssey: Action/Adventure Takes the Lead!


On Wednesday, 11/29/23, a survey was released to the student body of WSHS. The survey asked the students to pick their two favorite genres of TV and movies. The winner was Action/Adventure with 43 picks, The runner-up was Comedy with 30 picks, and last place was tied between Drama and Documentary with 7 picks each. 

When asked why she chose Action/Adventure as her favorite, senior, Miranda Thorne, responded “I love watching the fight scenes and high-stake missions, my favorite movie is probably John Wick 3.” She also added that a good character besides John Wick, is Charon, and that he’s very levelheaded. 

Senior, Owen Meyer, chose comedy as his favorite, “I like to just turn my brain off and unintelligently consume the media, followed by a chuckle occasionally.” Owen Meyer, when asked about his favorite movie/show from the genre, he responded, “I love The Office, the cringe comedy makes it a hard watch, but the characters just do it to themselves. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck, I just can’t look away.” 

Drama, being in last place, had very few people who chose it. One of those people being freshman, Lanah Doudzai, “Drama would be my favorite, there’s always something new happening in the shows, AlRawabi School for Girls is my favorite drama show.” Lanah also mentioned she likes how the show always keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next, and how you can always empathize with the characters. 

In all, there are plenty of fantastic movies and shows in different genres out there. In this school though, Action/Adventure takes the cake. Action/Adventure is, as its name implies, full of Action-packed Adventures. From Indiana Jones to The Goonies and National Treasure, this genre has many fantastic classics to choose from. 

If you are ever having trouble deciding on your next watch, kick back, relax, make some popcorn, and use a random movie generator. Good luck with your watching. Hopefully you have a fantastic time!

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