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Lunch Around The World


When you think of American lunch, what do you see? A plate of chicken nuggets with mashed-potatoes and uncolored gravy. Maybe some fruit and sides that don’t match the main meal? Yes. Well, that is the most Americanized lunch idea you see and place in the US. But other countries around the world have so many more interesting and unique food options.

For starters in the UK (United Kingdom) They have a very different verity of foods, that includes fish and chips, Shepard’s pie and bangers and mash, according to You may be wondering, what is bangers and mash? Bangers and mash is a very common food ‘assortment’ also eaten in Australia. It’s very simple, but when you hear mash you think mash potatoes and that’s exactly what is it but the bangers part it sausages.

A typical school’s lunch in Italy, is bright, well served and a great balance of everything. It consists of, a starchy dish most likely rice or pasta, a main course such as meat, fish or cheese. Then about two or more vegetable side dishes and lots of fruit. Australia has a unique spread of food for their school lunches, starting with a white bred sandwich, most commonly with vegemite. A side of bananas and some Tim-tams. Which are basically chocolate covered biscuits.

South Korea has a wide spread of amazing food that may interest you. This meal consists of rice, soup, kimchi or another fermented vegetable, protein focused side dishes with meat, fish or tofu with vegetables or fruits. India’s lunches will surprise you with the bright colors and amazing proteins with delicious flavors. Starting with, parathas with little to no butter sometimes with a protein such as chicken, lamb or sometimes potatoes (not all the time). Parathas are flatbreads native to India eaten during breakfast and lunch.

Mexico! A wonderful and bright place, where they serve amazing food day and night! Starting with, a ham torta which is basically a ham sandwich, in Spanish they call it ‘torta de jamon’ or they will eat a white bread sandwich, with fruits and vegetables. Lastly France! Bright and great foods with amazing personality, in high school they serve the kids a hot lunch with lots of protein. Consisting of four courses, a vegetable starter usually some kind of salad, a warm main course served with a side of grains or vegetables, cheese and slices of baguettes fresh!

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