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Cozy up: Winter Fashion Essentials To Keep You Warm And Stylish!

When you hear winter fashion, what do you see? Do you see Ugg boots pressing into the snow while you walk around on a frosty winter day, do you see people wearing giant warm coats, so they will not freeze? Do you see nice warm gloves and scarves around people’s hands and neck? That is what we see when we think of winter fashion right?  


The 2023-2024 winter fashion is not much different from what you think of when you think of winter outfits. Usually, you would want to be nice and warm but also cute! Which is why people wear warm but cute clothing now. One item of the winter fashion that has had a comeback from earlier years, is ‘flared jeans or flared leggings’ they have made a comeback from the 70’s! Everywhere you go, you see a person wearing flared or so called ‘boot-cut’ jeans or leggings. 


The style from earlier years like the 70’s, has made a comeback to the 23-24 winter style. Another staple piece are puffer vests or puffer jackets, mostly by north face. Lots of people wear those to be cute, warm, and comfortable! You will see lots of people with those on instead of an actual coat.  


The next, most important item in the winter are Uggs! The thing that you see lots of, mostly in the fall and winter because of the fuzzy inside to keep your feet warm. They come in all unique styles like platform, the original boots, Tasmans and the classic ultra mini boots. The Uggs were made back in 1978, but became popular in the 2000’s. And to this day, they are still popular! I guarantee you will see most people wearing some type or style of Uggs! 


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