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Christmas Tree: Real vs Fake, Which One Are You Choosing?


When Christmas time rolls around people begin to think about how to decorate their tree, but the first step is to get a tree if you don’t have one already. Now comes the real question. Would you rather use a real Christmas tree, or use a fake one instead?  

Many people use a real Christmas tree for many reasons. Some reasons being that it is a family tradition, the experience of picking out a real tree can become core memories for families, they come in a variety of different sizes and colors, the smell is to die for, and the fact that instead of having to throw them out, instead they decompose after time which is good for the environment after its use.  

But there are also many negative factors as to why people don’t buy them. Examples like the trees can cause allergens for people, the needles can make constant messes, they could harbor mold, fungi, or bugs, compared to fake trees, they’re more prone to fire if they aren’t watered daily.  

Although real Christmas trees are more traditional, fake Christmas trees are making an impact on people. As time goes on the number of real trees being replaced by fake ones has increased tremendously. 

 One reason why people are using fake trees more is that they last longer than real trees. For instance, you would only have to buy the tree once and use it over again for many years making it a great investment. Also, there isn’t any watering needed and there’s no needle mess!  

While there are many pros, you also must consider the cons, there must be some reasons why some people didn’t switch to using a fake tree. Some of the cons are that they can’t be recycled since they are made up of multiple plastics and they’re harmful to the environment because of the high amount of plastic being produced. It would take about 15 years for it to be evened out.  

You may not think of it too much, but if you visit your family members or friends’ houses this Christmas, look at their tree and see if it’s real or fake. Maybe ask them why they prefer a fake tree or a real one, their answer may interest you. As the days go by, and Christmas slowly creeping upon us, decorate your tree and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. 

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