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Tis’ the Season to Watch Movies

A polaroid movie poster of Home Alone.

Tis’ the season to be jolly and to buckle in, grab the popcorn, and dim the lights. Now it’s time for a holiday film rewind. Diving into the most nostalgic holiday movies as we go headfirst into the most wonderful time of the year. 

The Polar Express, produced in 2004, is a movie that I consider to be overplayed. However, it is the favorite Christmas film for many people. Watching this movie for the first time might just be nightmare fuel for children. The uncanny valley seen in the animation of the film is where the visuals hang between human-like but still cartoon, making it look scary. And let’s not forget about that one scene on top of the train. I’m not sure why it is one of the most watched movies. Maybe it’s because of the nostalgia it gives or just how memorable the film is. The film is definitely good in some respects, but to be honest a few of the scenes are quite questionable. 

Home Alone is also one of the most rewatched and nostalgic holiday movies. Produced in 1990, this film is a fan favorite and deserves it. While some might disagree, a majority can attest that this movie is comedic through and through. Although, that could say something about humans in general since many scenes depend on slapstick comedy. Even so, this movie never fails to put me into a holiday mood, and really get me into the Christmas spirit. 

I have never heard a negative review of The Grinch (not saying that they don’t exist). This movie alone is a great kick start into the Christmas season. Whether it be the animated version, or the live action version. The Grinch is a story of a cold hearted ‘Grinch’ changing with the help of the people in town. This movie does an excellent job of showing the real message subtly while putting on a good comedic show. For children, adults, and anyone in between, this film is perfect for any audience. 

These movies are some of the most watched, nostalgic, and potentially inspiring movies if you decide to go on that route. They are basically the backbone of the Christmas film industry. You can never go wrong with these holiday movies, depending on what you are looking for. As a plus for a new holiday movie, if you are looking for a new one, try Candy Cane Lane which is an Amazon original. No spoilers but I think it might be worth your time. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and merry watching! 

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