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Let The Creativity Flow!

Art by: Divine-Favour Emereibe

There are different forms of creativity that a person can indulge in. Everyone is creative in their own way whether it be through a form of art or artistic movements. If you haven’t found your passion yet, then you’ve come to the right place. Creativity can flow through once you experiment and find what you truly love!

Art can be anything you want it to be. It ranges from drawings to film and even writing. The main focus on art would be visual art such as paintings and drawings. Digital art, paintings and collages are all perfect examples on different art styles to  try. It is a hobby a person can grow to love no matter what. The best part about a creative hobby such as this is that anyone of any age can learn to create artistic pieces. This type of creativity allows you to put a little part of yourself and your vision into every piece you create. For tips on trying out this hobby, go on Pinterest for references.

Writing is my personal favorite way to be creative and a major passion for me. With writing you can make up whatever you want. Along with that, there are so many options on what to write with and what to write about. Examples include journaling, poetry, novel writing, etc. Writing is a skill that most already have and can be expanded. Once you figure out your writing style, you are set. The best way to start is by picking a prompt and moving along with it.

Dance is another way to let your creativity shine through. It is long known that dances such as ballet and hip hop are time and time again considered to be creative art forms. Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific age to start dancing. Anyone can dance as long as you are ready to move. Dance not only allows you to express yourself, but it forms bonds with others. Dance also is a great way to exercise so it’s a win on all angles at the end of the day. 

Design can be anything you want it to be. This type of creativity is the most fluid as it comprises of anything from interior design to art, and even fashion. Design is a type of creativity that expresses the true you. This can be through colors, patterns, and visual appeal. Design truly has no bounds and with this type of hobby, a person can spread their wings as far as they want. 

Overall, being creative is totally dependent on you alone. Choosing what your creative hobbies and passions are may be difficult, however the key to doing so is by experimenting different things and finding what is right for you. For more inspiration, look to Pinterest, YouTube or Google and most of all, have fun on the search for what you love.

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