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Seasonal Showdown: Summer or Winter Birthdays?

The Pros and Cons of Summer and Winter Birthdays

When is your birthday? What activities do you like to do on your special day? Do you bask in the sun and tan? Or make snow angels in your yard? Would you rather be doing something else? 


The sun is shining!! What’s good about a summer birthday? 


Summer: Pros 

-No School 

-Warm sunny weather to do whatever activity you want 

-Themed party options ex. Pool party 

-Amusement parks are open 

-Outside activities ex. Hiking 

-If you like Seafood it’ll be in season 


It’s so hot outside… What do I hate about a summer birthday 


 Summer: Cons 

-No one can make it to your party because of vacation 

-So much sweating! 

-Less birthday wishes from not being at school

-See less friends 

-You don’t get to carry around balloons at school 


What does a winter birthday have to offer? Do you want to build a snowman? 


Winter: Pros 

-Different party themes ex. Ice skating 

-Everyone at school telling you happy birthday 

-You get to wear accessories letting everyone know it’s your birthday (sashes, crowns, sunglasses)

-Sledding or any other snow activities are available to do with friends! 

-If you didn’t get the presents you wanted for the holidays you can ask for them for your birthday, and the other way around 


And what’s bad about them… BRRRR!! 


Winter: Cons 

-Too cold for some outdoor activities 

-People are too tired from holiday parties to party with you 

-Easier to get sick i.e. less people to party with or your own sickness getting in the way of the party 

-Present budgets could be smaller due to holiday expenses 

-Less presents from parents because they already bought you holiday gifts 


It’s safe to say a birthday any time of the year holds advantages and disadvantages! But we all love a birthday and what it brings, a whole day just for you! 

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