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Finally, We Can All Pee!


At the beginning of the second semester, students worked with WSHS staff and the greater Woodbridge community to form the new bathroom policy campaign ‘I Just Need to Pee’. Because of the consistent tardiness, class skips, crowding of bathrooms, and roaming of halls, these are the new rules as well as the earlier ones that are being enforced: 

  • No more than 10 minutes out of class with a bathroom pass. 
  • You must stay inside of the designated color zone and bathroom of your class, recognizable by the color of the lanyard on your bathroom pass. 
  • No bringing backpacks to the bathroom. 
  • Only 1 person per stall. 
  • After 7:35AM, you must enter the school through door 1. 
  • After 7:45AM, you are no longer allowed to flex out of advisory. 
  • Any breakage of the rules above will result in an immediate referral. 

If you notice any ‘suspicious’ activity in the halls or bathrooms, find one of the “I Just Need to Pee” posters on the walls, scan the QR code, and fill out the form. If you don’t want to fill out the form, please report it to a trusted staff member. 

As someone who is a hall roamer and enjoys ‘taking a lap or two’ I am not too fond of the new policies. Even with that, though, I believe these rules are a good thing. The bathrooms stay open now, even the science ones! On top of that, every day, I notice fewer and fewer people in the hallways. From my viewpoint, the rules look like they are working. 

Other people though, even the ones that think the rules are great, get slightly annoyed by the rules, particularly the color zone rule. Sometimes you need to leave your specific zone for different reasons, one of which I have needed to do. This being because all the stalls in my designated bathroom were full, so I needed to go to a different bathroom in another colored zone. 

If we want to use the bathroom without being so carefully watched, follow the rules. All you need to do is stay in class, do your work, and use the bathroom at the proper time and only when needed. Together, I think we can do this! 

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