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    Wear or Tear: Converse


    Converse are one of the most beloved shoes. No matter where you go you will never cease to find a pair. They come in varying colors and are easily customizable. These shoes can be worn with just about anything and are a classic choice of footwear. Many people have owned at least one pair of Converses in their life. Either that or they know a person who has a pair. However, for those who are wondering about sealing the purchase, this article might make or break your decision. 

    In 1908 Marquis Mills Converse created the Converse Rubber Company. However, the converse shoe wasn’t brought out until 1916 when the official basketball shoes were produced. These shoes are seen being used up until the late 1980’s after Nike began its ascent as the new favorite basketball shoes. Even with this, Converse held up for more than 20 decades as the most prominent basketball shoes. 

    In modern times converse are in the top 6 of the most popular shoes. The brand releases many different shoes with a wide range of colors and styles. These shoes can go along with any outfit and be worn in any type of weather. While for some people they might not be the most comfortable shoes, it isn’t a huge complaint (from me personally). These shoes are very light for the most part. If you want a specific color of Converse, it is easily accessible. Not only that, but these shoes look good brand new or worn down. 

    One of the biggest complaints about Converse is that they break down easily. The sole of the shoe begins to come off after being in use for a long time. The brands stamp sometimes begins to peel off, along with the top white part of the shoe. The older the shoes get, the more uncomfortable they become. It may sometimes feel as if you’re walking on the floor barefooted. 

    If you are looking for a shoe that goes along with just about every outfit, or just something to add to your closet, this shoe might just be for you. However, the decision is yours and yours alone (this is not sponsored by Converse). If you’re not too sure, buy the shoe, wear it for a bit and return it if you don’t like it. If the cons made you look away, that’s alright. Maybe the next shoe brand will really speak to you. However, I hope you come to the conclusion that converse are the shoe for you.


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